Moments of silence…

Full body oil massages, tailored to your constitution accordingly gentle or compressions, bring back the energies in the meridians into flow, act deeply relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

With detailed medical history and health assessment, with individual nutrition plan for your home and holistic health recommendations.

By stimulating the acupressure and reflexology points in muscle tissue, accumulated toxins will be released and energy blockages removed. Discomfort of heat also will be solved.

A warm blend of essential oils is drizzled/poured onto the forehead (third eye) to help calm the nervous system.Indications are high blood pressure, insomnia, stress, Burnout-Syndroms,concentration disorders, tinnitus etc.

Unlike to other cures this cure delivers the body not only from water-soluble slag materials, but also from fat-soluble slag materials. Thus, the inner harmony of bioenergy is restored.

Dislocated vertebras will soft relocated in the right position. The breuss-massage with warmed St. John’s wort oil is nourishing and relaxing the intervertebral discs and the muscles of the back.

Sounds release from fear, ache, strengthen the self healing power of our body, and support deep mental relaxation.

I offer you a range of courses from three different seminars. Learn more at my seminars.

socalled ‚muscle-nodals’ will be removed. Takes off radiating pain, for example: shoulder arm-syndrom, numbness and formisation in arms/legs, back etc.