Heidrun Streit

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Heidrun Streit-Schefold

Ayurvedic therapeut, lecturer in Ayurveda, nutritionist, registered nurse, naturopath in training

As a man of many interests in the last 30 years I have continuously trained in the areas of health, ayurveda and naturopathy. The ancient healing customers of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dentistry by Hildegard von Bingen are based oncenturies and millennia-old experience. Her fascination for the western people they owe through their holistic approach, in which man is seen from a being of body, mind and soul. The Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine strive for a balanced treatment of the body and consciousness. Central to this is the approach of the flow of life energy: Qi, Ki or Prana. As part of the energy system of life, the human senses any malfunction of the whole system and respond to physical, psychological and consciousness-moderate level. All healing methods of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine is to use the body’s own systems and block itself is not a disease processes. What makes us sick is eliminated directly, such as a painkiller takes away the pain without addressing the cause. The ancient healing customers have to activate the concern that self-reliance and itis searching for the cause and treat it.

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